This is Salman Khan Lodhi, a blogger from Pakistan, a tech lover, and a passionate traveler. I won’t say that I have traveled the world but whenever I get a chance to travel, I went to see new places with much more enthusiasm than normal. Whenever I visited a new place the beauty of those places confounded me, that experience was amazing and opened me up to all the possibilities the world has to offer. Traveling the world has widened my sight and my mind as I experienced different cultures, tasted different foods, and learned different languages. I strongly believe in the phrase “Live your life by a compass, not a clock” and I’m trying my best to live up to this phrase.

This is my fuel to help thousands of travelers and to make them realize their travel goals, with my travel tips and by suggesting the best travel gears. 

“Travelling introduces you to strange places and leaves you a stranger in your own land’’ I have firm faith in this saying and you’ll believe this too once you start traveling. You might think that you should have lots of money to travel the world. No, that’s a lie all you need is passion and a burning desire to discover new places and to see those old places with new eyes.

Our Mission 

My mission is to help travelers find the right travel gears that worked for me and what doesn’t and I am sure my mentioned travel gears will enhance your traveling experience and ensure worry-free traveling. 

I have put up all my travel experiences, road-tested tips, and my packing list of travel gears to help you find the right gear for you without putting too much strain on your budget as I myself is not a luxury traveler but I have always used the best travel gears that are durable, lightweight and of high quality. 

On this website, you’ll get everything you need to know to travel wider distances such as my tested travel tips, experience, and advice of so many travellers around the world to encourage you to travel to any destination in the world and we have also mentioned the detailed cost to help you shape your budget for your trip. At Abesttravel.com you’ll also find some sponsored content and if you purchase anything from the given website we’ll get a short commission from Amazon that costs nothing to you. All the companies and products that are mentioned on this website are not because they are paying us for advertisement but they are the best in the market, also useful and durable. 

I have tested and used all the latest luggage, shoes, clothes, camping accessories, photography equipment, and beauty products to help you choose the right items to pack your backpack for your next destination. 

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Salman Khan Lodhi.