Fiverr in Pakistan

Fiverr Pakistan

If you are a zealous Pakistani freelancer and looking forward to generating a self-sustaining income by offering digital services to people around the globe then Fiverr Pakistan is an amazing platform for you to kick up your income.

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010 for freelance services. The concept of this platform was to provide a two-way platform for people to buy and sell different kinds of digital services as a freelance contract. 

When talking about freelancing marketplaces now there are more numerous freelance platforms available for aspiring freelancers who wanted to diversify their revenue stream and wanted to experiment with different ways of making money. Fiverr is one of them and has steamrolled all the other marketplaces like PeoplePerHour and Upwork. 

How To Start Earning From Fiverr in Pakistan

Working on Fiverr is not rocket science it’s just as simple as working on any other freelance platform as you need to login to Fiverr to be a part of the Fiverr community. You’ll be needed to create a gig explaining the services you are offering and how you could benefit those buyers around the world looking for a particular service. The ‘Gig’ is like a sales pitch that you reel into the buyers to purchase your service.

If you have made a captivative profile with titillating gigs that attract customers and proclaim your professionalism there are more chances that you’ll land many jobs soon on your Fiverr profile. 

There is no recipe to get successful on Fiverr nor any complicated tips and tricks to get you on the top soon because if you are skilled and know your worth there is nothing you can’t achieve in this world. 

The potential buyers on Fiverr mostly prefer individual freelancers instead of companies or agencies as the agencies mostly outsource their highly paid work to underpaid substandard freelancers that results in low quality of work. So try to create your Fiverr profile under your name with a professional and clear picture of you.


Fiverr has many categories for all kinds of microservices and you can offer your expertise in more than one category. The main categories are further subdivided into many small categories such as if you wanted to offer your services as a graphic designer there are many subs categorized to graphic design such as logo design, illustrations, graphic for streamers, brand style guides, brochure design, palette design and many more.

Just make your gig offering your expertise in any of the given categories, put an enticing description explaining your service and you are ready to sell. 

How To Withdraw Money From Fiverr In Pakistan

Fiverr offers three types of withdrawal. Two is with the Payoneer that is bank transfer and via Fiverr revenue card while the third one is withdrawing your money via PayPal. As PayPal is not available in Pakistan so Payoneer is the only option to withdraw your money. 

You can use the following services to withdraw your money from Fiverr in Pakistan: 

  1. Using Payoneer MasterCard
  2. Using Fiverr MasterCard

1. Using Payoneer MasterCard

You can use Payoneer MasterCard to evacuate your money from your Fiverr account. Payoneer is a reliable and valid financial service company that you can also link to your local bank accounts in Pakistan for easy draw-out of your money. 

Payoneer also offers MasterCard that you can use at any ATM in Pakistan for ways to withdraw money. And in case you haven’t received your master card yet or wanted to order one you can check payoneerhow(com)/forum for further details while the Payoneer customer support can also further assist you in this regard. 

2. Using Fiverr MasterCard

When you log in to the Payoneer via Fiverr from the Fiverr earning tab you will receive a Fiverr Revenue Card to draw out your money from your Fiverr account.

Both these types of withdrawing money are valid and easy to proceed and you can choose the option that is more convenient to you. 

Conversion Fees

Fiverr does not charge any fee while you evacuate your money from your Fiverr account while in case you want to withdraw your money in your local currency there will be a specific fee depending on the process. 

While you draw out your money in a currency rather than US$, a conversion fee will be applied to the amount you select to withdraw according to the withdrawal currency. Fiverr will deduct the conversion charges and hence you’ll receive a reduced amount in your account.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many emerging freelancers who wanted to start their career as a freelancer and want to earn some extra money are curious about Fiverr and ask so many questions about how Fiverr could help them to get a persistent income.

Q.1. How to earn money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

To earn money from Fiverr in Pakistan you will have to create a Fiverr profile with a catchy description and seven gigs that are optimized to arouse the potential client with a nice picture and you will be able to snag a few jobs that will bring you money. 

2. How to pay on Fiverr from Pakistan?

Fiverr accepts bank transactions, Easypaisa or JazzCash transactions, mobicash, and UBL Omni payments in PKR. As PayPal is not available in Pakistan so that makes the transaction of money a bit difficult still you can pay with PKR using the following options:

  1. Transaction from a local bank to Fiverr 
  2. Transaction from Easypaisa to Fiverr in Pakistan 
  3. Transaction from mobicash to Fiverr in Pakistan
  4. Transaction from UBL Omni to Fiverr in Pakistan. 

3. How to withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan?

There are two ways to withdraw your money from your Fiverr account in Pakistan

  1. Using Payoneer Master Card
  2. Using Fiverr Revenue Card

Both these ways of evacuating money from your Fiverr account are reliable and you can use both these master cards at any ATM in Pakistan like you simply use your Bank’s credit card.

4. Should I start freelancing on Fiverr?
Fiverr is a worldwide marketplace for freelancers and no doubt it is good in many aspects. Such as you get to work with clients around the globe and you are not bound to work on the same old things instead of on Fiverr you get a variety of projects no matter in what regard you are offering your expertise. You will get to know and search about such diverse industries that will help you to polish your skill.

The website is easy to navigate and the staff of Fiverr is efficient to help you resolve your queries and you can communicate them freely when an issue arises. 

Final Words

Fiverr Pakistan is a bewildering opportunity for dedicated freelancers to generate a persistent income by offering their expertise to the buyer around the globe. On Fiverr, you get new opportunities every day to challenge yourself. 

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