Online Business In Pakistan

Online Business In Pakistan

Are you casting around for a solid business idea to start your online business in Pakistan?

Many people dream to be a successful businessman, but they lack a practical approach to take the first step. Taking the first step to achieve their goal is what most people fear and end up regretting their whole lives.

Online business in Pakistan is regarded as a difficult job and it involves many risks and failures too but when you have the potential to stand by your dream no matter what nothing can stop you from being a successful businessman. 

Pakistani’s have a huge potential in the digital world and they can run a successful business online. But why do some people fail to do a triumphant business? The reason is not having a valid business idea is an obstacle for someone while some believe that they do not have enough money to start their own business. Well, the truth is money is not the problem when you are passionate enough to accomplish your dream. 

Here are some bewildering ideas to start your online business in Pakistan. 

1. Blogging

Blogging is an amazing way to start earning online. You can earn a sustainable income by setting up your blog by buying a domain and keep posting blogs on any niche you want to write. But blogging is not all about writing. You can start a Vlog or can post pictures and videos. 

Blogging is an advantageous online business and you only need money to buy a domain. In case you don’t have the money to invest in a domain you can go for free blogging sites. Next, you can get your site approved by Google Adsense and can also review or recommend products as an affiliate marketer. 

If you are good at writing you can also earn by writing for someone else’s blog and you will get paid accordingly for each blog post. 

2. Youtube Channel 

Nowadays you can earn a handsome amount via youtube and if you have the skill to make and edit your videos you should set up your youtube channel. Make videos that are engaging and give people information or help them in other regards. It can be anything like if you are good at cooking you can make cooking videos, you can make life hack videos, educational videos,s or anything you are good at. 

The next step is to enable your channel for monetization and do proper SEO. Now you will be needed to connect your youtube channel with your AdSense account so that you can get paid for ads. And you will be needed to make it to 20,000 views to get $5 for 1000 views. 

3. Sale Or Resale 

Selling and reselling online is also a beneficial business to start. Due to pandemic many people now prefer shopping online and this is the best time to start your online store. 

All you need to do is to invest a good amount in quality products and market them well on online platforms as the more people know about your business the more sales you will generate. As you’ll need a substantial amount of money to start your store online and storage space too. 

But in case you do not have an adequate amount of money for your store online you can go for reselling. In reselling you just need to acquire products from other online sellers and sell them to the people who need them with your profit margin. Dropshipping is a good option in this regard but offers less profit margin.

4. Consultancy Business

Consultancy business is an amazing business to start with less or zero investment it only requires you to be smart and experienced in a particular field to start your own business of consultancy. Some many small businesses or startups can pay a handsome amount for a piece of professional advice from an expert.

You do not need to invest an ample amount of money for this business, just give people advice and tips to grow and to run their business successfully. 

Fitness consultancy is an eminent business nowadays and if you are good at maintaining your fitness and have done bodybuilding so far you can set up a web or a channel to help people with their health and fitness concerns. Everybody nowadays is striving to get a toned physique and to lose weight so they are willing to pay well for a tangible consultancy regarding their fitness workout or diet plan. 

5. Teaching, Tutoring, And Coaching Online

If you are good at a particular subject you can earn a good amount by teaching students online and by giving lectures. During this pandemic, millions of students are coming unstuck with their studies and looking for online tutors who can take regular classes daily.

You do not need any requisite income to teach online but you should just master a particular subject and you can teach via many online platforms like zoom and google meet or either can create your online teaching platform. 

In case you are good at different languages, you can set up an online academy where you can teach that language to students around the world and can earn good money and there are platforms too where you can sign up and after a test, you can teach on their webby scheduling lectures according to your timing. 

6.Virtual Assistant 

We are living in a digital era and now many companies and digital businesses seek a virtual assistant especially the client sitting abroad hiring a virtual assistant to assist them online. If you are good in any industry such as IT, web development, and digital marketing you can work as a virtual assistant for local and offshore clients. 

You do not need an adequate investment to be a virtual assistant all you need is a laptop, mobile, and a good internet connection. As a virtual assistant, you may get tasks like email management and scrapping, calendar management, travel arrangements, buying a domain, and doing social media marketing for them depending on your skill, and will get paid a good salary. You can schedule daily or weekly meetings with your clients to organize their work remotely.  

7. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the most demanding skills in the market that has a vast market and its clients are available both abroad and also in Pakistan. Graphic design is a profitable skill that you can learn from your nearest institution and you can get a pro at it with practice.

When you learn all the basics of graphic designing and the use of software such as adobe illustrator, photoshop, Corel draws, and others you can offer your services as a graphic designer to freelance marketplaces and can also set up on your web providing graphic design service to design brochures, flyers, business cards, logos, and newsletter to help the brand create their unique identity online and to earn thousands with this skill. 

8. Web Or App Developer 

If you are skilled at web and mobile app development you can make a decent amount every month by developing websites and apps for clients. Many people out there are looking for professional web developers to develop a user-friendly and engaging website for their brand or business to create their effective digital media profile.

You can also earn a decent amount by creating android apps for people with small businesses and looking forward to an app developer creating a mobile app for you. You can search these clients on freelance and social media platforms and can earn a self-sustaining income by developing websites and apps for your clients.

9. Social Media Management And Marketing

This is another amazing and affordable way to start earning online as there are many businesses and brands in the market that do not have any time to manage the social media accounts and websites of their brands to resolve people queries and to do brand engagement. So they hire social media managers to bring them revenue and to maximize brand engagement via effective social media campaigns and customer interaction.

These brands let you organize and grow their social media platforms to generate more sales and for a better online presence. You do not need any specific skill for this but you need to be active, energetic, and passionate about your work so that you can make good money out of it. 

10. Sell Food Online

If you are good at cooking and also passionate to make some extra money you can get a good amount by selling home-cooked food online. For this, you’ll need a little investment in the start to set up everything and can sell your food to office employers and workers. 

Home-cooked food is highly in demand and there are a lot of people who prefer home-cooked food over fast food and other processed food. So if you enjoy cooking you can make the office employers and workers some home-cooked food to get a good income. In this regard, you will have to market your food so that more people know about your business and you get more orders. Once your business gets renowned and you get some consistent orders you can also expand your business to a commercial level.


If you are looking forward to starting your business online in Pakistan with less and no investment we have got you covered in this regard. We have mentioned some best and practical ways to earn online in Pakistan.

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